So today I want to begin with a short introduction to myself. I am an undergrad entrepreneurship major at Grove City College. I started my first business when I was eighteen. While traveling in South East Asia on two occasions during high school for short-term missions trips, I decided some of the local products offered a profitable opportunity. Since then, the dream has expanded. Currently, my business partner and I are working on a business plan to raise capital at a competition next spring.

Some of my personal interests include marketing and consulting (yes, business-related stuff does stand close to the top of the list), history, travel, and writing. In five years, I see myself operating my own business, being a published author, and living overseas.

So far, I’ve focused on my entrepreneurship side, but what is more fundamental to who I am is my faith. First and foremost, I am a servant of Jesus Christ, and totally crazy about Him. I am so grateful for the life He has given me. If you check out my “About” page, you’ll see a brief outline of my “lifestyle model”, for lack of a better word. In it, I talk about living a fully integrated life. I place so much importance on this because I believe it is the way God has called believers to live. For me, this means living the same way, whether operating a business or living out my daily life.

But that’s enough about me for now. Over the next week, I am planning a couple of book reviews, on the suggestion of a friend. I will be taking a look at John C. Maxwell‘s books, Teamwork 101 and How Successful People Think. As I will be attempting to keep up with this on a bi-weekly basis, stay tune for that between Thursday and next Monday.


One thought on “Personal

  1. Gregory says:

    Woot! Book Reviews! The more you post em’ the more I’m visiting!

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