John C. Maxwell – Teamwork 101


As promised, here is the first book review on this blog. I will be reviewing (briefly!) John Maxwell’s Teamwork 101. Please note that a brief review such as this does little justice to the depth of the book; every book I review here, I do so to hopefully inspire you to add it to your reading list. Taking the time to read books that bring a message that has the potential to change how you live if properly applied is one of the greatest investments you could make. With that said, let’s take a look at what real teamwork looks like.

Teamwork – Part 1

To begin with, Maxwell challenges the insistent claim that individualism is best. Teamwork brings better results, as it multiplies what is able to be accomplished. As a leader with a dream, you need to create a team that is equal to your dream. Customize your team, from the lowest member to those in key leadership positions. Be on the lookout for other potential leaders and develop them. Cultivating leaders creates a strong and durable organization.

Teamwork – Part 2

Maxwell begins this section by describing a good team. According to him, a good team has everyone on the same page, the members know what is important, and they communicate. Most importantly, a good team is where each member works for the benefit of the entire team. This requires self-sacrifice, and is perhaps the single most mentioned point Maxwell comes back to time and again. Submitting what’s best for the individual to what’s best for the organization is critical.

Growing a team is like making an investment. Invest in only what will bring the greatest return; get rid of weaker members; cultivate stronger members. Use healthy competition to build unity and keep everyone focused on the core goals (be careful, though, as the wrong kind of competition can do more harm than good!). Finally, realize that ideas are the life of the company, and the best way to generate the best ideas are by working as a team.

That’s about it. Once again, I highly recommend actually reading the book. It’s worth it!


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