Value Creating

I’ll start today by saying that I know I owe you all a book review, for John Maxwell’s How Successful People Think. My goal is to finish the book (yes, I’ve procrastinated finishing it) and hopefully get that to you by Wednesday.

Meanwhile, a few updates on my position. Today was my first day at a new job, selling Direct TV through their affiliate Direct Media. Iffy on the exciting scale, but we’ll see how things turn out in a week or so. On a much more exciting front, I found out today that I am going to Lithuania in August for an entrepreneurship camp. I was one of fifty out of several hundred applicants selected for this camp, which is free (except, of course, the travel expenses to get there). You would expect to pay a good $5000 – $10,000 for a similar conference. I will be keeping notes, and will be passing some of that information on to you. Which leads into my next point.

Until recently, I have questioned my ability to provide quality information regularly that actually adds value to my readers. However, a friend suggested that, as I am growing in my studies and experiences, the longer I go, the more information I will gain to pass on. Therefore, I am going to make a commitment to passing on to you, my oh – so meaningful readers, everything (well, almost everything) I learn. I must make note here that my primary target market will be small business owners, managers or any one interested in business. However, I believe lessons learned in business can be applied in life, therefore, I hope some of you non-business people might gain something from this as well.

I am also thinking of adding a “business tip of the week” type deal here, maybe every couple of posts or so, if I remember. So the one for this week is: “creating greater value for others brings greater value to oneself.” This one comes from Craig Ballantyne, with Internet Independence. Of course, it’s not really just from him. Truly understanding the importance of being customer-oriented (not just in words, but in actions and lifestyle) is vital to business. And truly understanding the importance of serving others as you would want to be served is vital in life.


One thought on “Value Creating

  1. Gregory says:

    Business tip of the week. I like it. You’d be surprised at how much you can learn personally from running a business. My goodness. Much to learn.

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