Your Worst Enemy

For those of you who have been in business for a while, you will probably have already realized what I’m about to share with you. I think it’s something that is very basic, that many people “know”, but always need to be reminded of. And it begins with a confession.

I tend to be a dreamer, an ideas person. Give me a problem, and almost always I’ll be able to give you a couple of solutions, possibly within minutes. Of course, I usually think my ideas are pretty good. However, after the “strategic planning” phase, if you ask me to make that idea a reality, well, I kind of get stuck there. See, I’m not a very action-oriented person. I struggle with making dreams come true, with making ideas a reality, primarily because I have a problem with self-discipline and keeping motivated to get things done. It always seems like I have a good idea, until I start trying to put it into action, than it feels kind of silly. Honestly, there are certain things that I really want out of life, but my actions say that I don’t want it enough, because I’m not making it happen.

And that’s what it comes down to. If you want something in life, you need to make it happen. Maybe its making that dream that you have had since childhood come true. Maybe its reaching that goal that you know will help make you a better person and improve your life, but has always felt a little out of reach. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of being in a committed relationship, but feel like you always get the bad “luck”. Truth be told, you are your own worse enemy. You are the only thing holding you back from achieving what you want to achieve in life. So this is my second “business tip of the week”: make sure you are out of your own way, so you can find the success you are looking for. Check out my next post for a couple of very simple, common sense strategies to overcoming the barriers you put up between yourself and success.


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