Looking Ahead

In the last few minutes I have, I wanted to let you know what to look for in the not too distant future. To begin with, I am leaving for Europe on Tuesday. I am going for an entrepreneurship camp with some top international leaders in business. It’s an incredible opportunity, particularly since the guys doing it are paying for everything. Following the camp, I am taking a week just to hang out; that may turn into a writing retreat. I may or may not be able to blog while away, depending if I can gain access to both internet access and a computer. However, what you should be waiting for, is what I anticipate being some amazing content coming out of this camp, which I fully intend to let you in on. There will also be another book review (hopefully before the end of August) on Dwight Bain’s “Destination Success”. At three chapters in, I can already promise a spectacular read. Finally, I want to encourage you, if you are a regular reader, to make sure you subscribe. I am putting together an email list (naturally, I will NOT sell/provide/in any other way offer your email address to anyone else) with the possibility of one or more, depending on this camp, special subscriber-only content-rich email/emails.

Lastly, your business tip of the week comes again from Craig Ballantyne, with Internet Independence. This one is a motivational one, for those of you who have a business idea (for that matter, any idea pertaining to offering a product/service to others) that hasn’t taken off yet. For every moment you hold off finishing your product/pursuing your dream, there is someone out there who is suffering. If your idea truly offers value to someone, that means someone truly needs your idea, and without it, they are deprived; “hurting” would perhaps not be too strong a word. Therefore, for the sake of whoever you have in mind as the recipient of your idea (your “target market”, etc), you MUST launch your idea and get it to those people as soon as possible. You have been blessed with that good idea for a reason, now get out and do something with it!

Be on the lookout for more…


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