Journal Entry #2 – Introduction to the Camp

August 11, 2011

“I am here because…” And with that statement, the Blacksmith Entrepreneurship and Liberty camp began. We sat around our dinner tables, each introducing ourselves. Each individual, with all of his or her hopes, dreams, and fears, began to open a door to their souls; revealing just a little piece of what makes them tick. Not very far, but it all begins by cracking the door, right? And with some, I have seen that door open a little further.

I met the first part of the group of students here this morning, as we gathered to head to a local museum in Vilnius. After a brief lunch, we picked up our bags at the hostel and headed for the bus. And yes, four hours allows some doors to open pretty wide.

Stepping back twenty-four hours, I finally ran into the issue I was concerned about.  I knew I had to rush in Amsterdam because I only had fifty minutes to get to my next flight. If I missed that flight (due to delay), I would miss my connection to airBaltic (regional airline). I did make that connection. However, in Riga, I fell asleep at the gate and missed my flight to Vilnius. I had to head into town to buy a bus ticket. It was something of a mess, yet has been worth it. After several hours of conversation, I am very appreciative of the opportunity to be here.


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