Journal Entry #3 – After Camp Reflections

August 19, 2011

Wow. I really did mean to write much more consistently during the camp than I did. But instead, literally every minute was spent either working or investing in relationships with others. The few minutes I had in between were spent sleeping (like, five hours a night). But the investment was so worth it. While the content taught wasn’t particularly new, I did come away with a lot of value. For one, while the project we did was something I had done before, and thus was not particularly difficult, it resulted in some great ideas that I may find to be worth investing in. If I can find one or two business ideas from the camp that actually take off, and can get on board with those ideas as a consultant, that would provide great experience for my consulting firm idea. More on that later.

But of course the best thing coming out of this camp is the relationships I built. From housemates to business partners, hours-long conversations resulted in ties not easily broken by time or distance. Many of these people I will never see again. But I know that if one day I am traveling in places like Brazil, the UK, Bulgaria, Serbia, or Tajikistan, I will have a friendly face to greet me. And the vice versa is also true. A big theme of this camp was (as I’ve talked about before here) adding value to others. I don’t need to measure the investment value before knowing that I would gladly go out of my way to do whatever I could for many of these people. So once again the greatest lesson of business is affirmed: be intentional in investing in relationships. It will always pay off and is always the best investment you can make. There’s your tip of the week, now go live it out.


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