Craig Ballantyne on Building Your Online Business

Once again, I refer back to Craig Ballantyne for his brilliant advice on moving your business forward. This is a long video, so I’ll try to outline some pieces of it so you can pick and choose in your watching.

Craig uses personal anecdotes and politically incorrect suggestions to encourage you to push past your limitations. He discusses the importance of planning ahead and being focused (minutes 3:00 through about 10:00).

The next piece is on determining who exactly your customer is and meeting his or her needs (minutes 10:00 through about 17:30). Following is time management advice and how to differentiate yourself  (17:30 to 25:30). From here, we get more into details. Sales copy, building a high value offer, getting affiliates, etc. From here, you can watch it when you have time, or not. The important part for anyone in business is that first twenty-five minutes. And there you have it. Let me know what you think.


One thought on “Craig Ballantyne on Building Your Online Business

  1. aneirin says:

    Note: As YouTube has removed this video, please find it at:

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