Content Marketing – Value Adding at it’s Best

The struggle as of late has been primarily between reading history and practicing Chinese versus posting more often here. Unfortunately, as of late, the history and Chinese (as fascinating as those subjects are) have been winning out. Well, that’s about to change…. Okay, no promises there. However, I am committed to not entirely abandoning you yet.

On that note, the first subscriber-only content will be coming out at the end of the month. Be looking for a three-to-five page report on the key essentials that you as an entrepreneur need to have in place to be successful. If you haven’t subscribed yet, now’s the time.

Today I want to briefly talk about content marketing. Content marketing is essentially the idea that contemporary consumers don’t just want someone to tell them about a product and then they’ll buy it; rather, they want to get to know the product or service themselves, so will seek to become informed on the subject. From buying a car to giving to charities, today’s customers want to know everything they can before investing their hard-earned money. What does that mean for us as business people? We need to be willing and able to put the information they are seeking out on the table where they can easily find it. Do you sell used musical instruments online? Than blog about some unique aspect of music, build a following, and use that as a basis for building your instrument business. But don’t only think of providing content for the sake of driving customers to your website or shop. Find creative ways to provide value, even if it doesn’t immediately benefit you. Treat your content as a product, in every way from a “loss leader” to an “up-sell“. I recently heard a quote from a successful internet entrepreneur (sorry, I’ve forgotten the name) who said that you should give 80% of your content away for free, and that will allow you to sell the last 20% very well. This guy is in high demand as a speaker and consultant and people pay thousands to get his advice. Craig Ballantyne, whom I have mentioned here before, provides so much free, excellent content on his blog that he has people constantly asking him to sell them some form of coaching. They are willing to pay anything to work one-on-one with him, because they trust that he is legit.

Providing content is a way to legitimize yourself, your expertise, and your business. It is a conversation with your customers, with the goal of better finding out what they want so you can successfully give it to them. Your business tip (and challenge!) of the week is to find one new way of creating content to better converse with your customers. If you don’t currently have customers than find a way to converse with someone who represents your dream customer.


3 thoughts on “Content Marketing – Value Adding at it’s Best

  1. Gregory says:

    Where would you put your emphasis in creating value added; Face to Face interaction or the booming, untamed world of Social Media?

  2. aneirin says:

    Great question. I’d like to come at that from both sides of the equation, so I will answer that in my next post. Knowing where you are coming from, hopefully I’ll be able to clarify the uses of each.

  3. {smpbargins} says:

    […] Mistakes and 3 Essentials of Blog MarketingWhy Affiliate Programs Work Well For Mom BloggersContent Marketing – Value Adding at it’s Best .recentcomments a{display:inline !important;padding:0 !important;margin:0 […]

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