Self-improvement, 2012, and New Year’s Resolutions

Welcome to 2012! Obviously, for those of you who check here regularly, it’s been a while. A certain business simulation class (with some Mandarin homework thrown in for good measure) played a key role in keeping my time occupied for much of the last few months. However, I can say both came off quite well in the end.

While I don’t particularly put much weight in New Year’s resolutions, I have taken it upon myself to better refine my ability at balancing everything going on. Thus I am coming to you with my goals for the coming semester, as a means of holding myself accountable. And, of course, to better refine the information I offer here. One of my goals is to focus on book reviews here. Currently, with my priority being scraping together the cash to buy textbooks this semester, those book reviews will be limited, but we’ll see where it gets us.

Meanwhile, I am currently developing a “self-improvement” plan, designed to allow me to put on paper all of my thoughts concerning strategies to address what I’ve identified as weaknesses that hinder me from getting where I want to go. For this task, I am using a Mind Map. Many of you will probably be familiar with this tool. For me, it is simply a means of loosening up my “thinking-space” on paper, allowing me to brainstorm more freely. I am working on revising my sleeping habits (if I allow my old habits of this past semester to have their way, my sleeping schedule over break would run from 4:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M.), incorporating physical activity back into my day, and attacking my propensity for procrastination and poor time management. Sleep is coming first, with the goal of midnight bedtime and 7:00 wake up. My efforts so far have been rewarded with somewhat sleepless nights.

Finally, I am working on some feasibility analysis reports for a professor. These will help me determine which idea I want to run with for next spring’s business plan competition. The candidates are in publishing and manufacturing. Which will take this year’s competition by storm? The mystery remains to be solved…




So today I want to begin with a short introduction to myself. I am an undergrad entrepreneurship major at Grove City College. I started my first business when I was eighteen. While traveling in South East Asia on two occasions during high school for short-term missions trips, I decided some of the local products offered a profitable opportunity. Since then, the dream has expanded. Currently, my business partner and I are working on a business plan to raise capital at a competition next spring.

Some of my personal interests include marketing and consulting (yes, business-related stuff does stand close to the top of the list), history, travel, and writing. In five years, I see myself operating my own business, being a published author, and living overseas.

So far, I’ve focused on my entrepreneurship side, but what is more fundamental to who I am is my faith. First and foremost, I am a servant of Jesus Christ, and totally crazy about Him. I am so grateful for the life He has given me. If you check out my “About” page, you’ll see a brief outline of my “lifestyle model”, for lack of a better word. In it, I talk about living a fully integrated life. I place so much importance on this because I believe it is the way God has called believers to live. For me, this means living the same way, whether operating a business or living out my daily life.

But that’s enough about me for now. Over the next week, I am planning a couple of book reviews, on the suggestion of a friend. I will be taking a look at John C. Maxwell‘s books, Teamwork 101¬†and How Successful People Think. As I will be attempting to keep up with this on a bi-weekly basis, stay tune for that between Thursday and next Monday.